The Best Mobile Brands Collection 2020 & Their Technical Features

There are so many models, Best mobile brands collection 2020, and designs of smartphones in the market that it might be overwhelming to choose one of them. However, by keeping your focus on the features that you need the most, you can select the best for you. To do so, knowing the technical features and all their possible uses is the key to making your decision. Below, some of the trendiest models available in the market and each one of them stands out for its special goal.


1.Samsung Galaxy $1.051,98


The best mobile brand collection 2020 is the Samsung model proves that this company is still ahead of its competition by far. Its most important goal is to improve your experience in the way you perceive the world with it. To do so, it allows you to get a cinematic display that provides an extraordinary clarity of all the content you visualize.

Still, you won´t have the risk of getting sudden interruptions. Then, the camera is not only pro-level but a guarantee of the neatest experience when you see your photos. And, you won´t require an extra effort to take your pictures because it is still easy to use it.


Intelligent and shareable battery


The intelligent battery is one of its most valuable assets. That is because it considers your lifestyle to calculate and optimize itself. Hence, it delivers the best performance all day long. Besides, you can easily share its power wirelessly by placing other devices or earbuds on the back of the phone.

Expandable memory


You have the possibility to expand the memory of your phone by adding just a memory card. It means that your phone can grow as you do.



  • The design offers Infinity and borderless display
  • The internal memory base doubles one of the other phones
  • It includes a first touch fingerprint ID to unlock the phone


  • The memory card is sold separately
  1. Apple iPhone XR 64 GB $489,01

This model put the iPhone at the top of the most sold also best mobile brands collection 2020. Its buyers loved its 6.1-inch (diagonal) all-screen LCD with multi-touch, true tone, liquid retina HD, and wide color displays. Its 64 GB of storage capacity allows it to offer a more competitive price while keeping its main features intact.


Edgy technical features


As always, Apple surprised and impressed the market by adding last generation features that included fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating and Haptic touch. Also, it includes facial recognition enabled by the TruDepth camera. In addition, it is powered by the Apple A12 Bionic processor and includes 3GB of RAM. Its battery performance reaches up to 1.5 hours more than iPhone 8 and it charges up to 50% in just 30 minutes.


Camera and Video recording


The camera has always been a special feature on iPhones and this model didn´t disappoint at all. Firstly, it offers a 12-megapixel camera on the rear with an f/1.8 aperture. It allows digital zoom up to 5x, auto image stabilization, panorama shots, and portrait mode with 3 effects, among other features.


On the front, the selfie camera offers 7-megapixel with f/2.2 aperture. This camera allows you to get a lot of fun with Animoji and Memoji and the portrait lighting with 6 effects is perfect for influencers and fashion addicts.


For video, you obtain multiple formats that allow 4K recording at 24, 30, or 60 fps. Also, 1080p HD video recording at 30 or 60 fps and while recording you can take 8MP still photos, use digital zoom and the best lighting with LED true tone flash.


  • It displays multiple languages and characters at the same time
  • It is dust, splash, and water-resistant rated IP67
  • You can use Apple Pay and Apple Card with it


  • The battery is not removable
  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 G960U 64GB $499,99

Now that Samsung 10 is already available in the market, this model is the best mobile brands collection 2020 choice if you want to have some of the best features of this brand at the best price. It follows the biggest trend of the 570ppi infinity display. Also, it includes a dual 12-megapixels rear camera and the front 8-megapixels selfie camera.


Trendy features

For this model, Samsung added all the best mobile brands collection 2020 and most recent features that can make your phone experience the best of all. Among them, the unlock system that allows you to save time and effort by using the iris scanner or facial recognition to open the phone.


Moreover, you can rest assured that you can include whatever you need on your phone because the phone can take a 400GB MicroSD card. When it comes to having fun, getting personal, and showing off, you can create your very own personal emoji library with augmented reality and add all the clothes and accessories you need to make it look the best.  Also, the sound is particularly good due to the Dolby Atmos Surround and the pro-tuned by AKG stereo speakers that improve previous Samsung´s models up to 1.4x.



  • The screen is scratch resistant with Gorilla Glass 5
  • You can use a fast-wireless charger


  • It doesn´t allow dual SIM
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB – $1.151,96

With the largest screen of any Samsung Galaxy smartphone, with 6.4 in, this model is perfect for streaming, gaming, and enjoying the freedom of design. Among the reasons to allow that is its capacity to get a quick network connection that enables the fastest downloading ever!


Battery and memory


This model offers a long-lasting battery of 4,000 mAh that lasts all day to allow you to work, talk, and play longer without interruptions. Moreover, you can add a 10,000 mAh portable battery and get a wireless charger to optimize the time you keep connected. Its storage capacity reaches 512GB which makes it the highest for any Samsung Note and it is also expandable up to 1TB. These 2 features are a considerable improvement from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and give you total freedom for downloading and storing almost any size of the file.

Cutting edge visual features for creators


Creators will find that they can take better and easier shots because the camera is intelligent to recognize scenes and optimize their colors. Due to its infinite display, you get an uninterrupted Canvas and can enjoy and edge-to-edge immersive experience.


  • Water-resistant rated IP68
  • The new S-Pen is more powerful and allows you to scroll, play music, and take shots from longer distances.


  • It is not shockproof
  • Wireless charger and portable batteries are sold separately
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB – $920,90

If you are convinced that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the one you want and don´t have all the budget you need, then it is the right option for you. It has all the best mobile brand collection 2020 these features of it and only reduces the storage capacity to 128GB. Its features keep the smart battery, the best camera, and the possibility to expand its memory. After all, it can grow with you in the future.


  1. Google Pixel 4 – $675,00

This is a phone to enjoy the Google way to make and deliver communications. In other words, you obtain an innovative way to control your phone and all its functions. Firstly, you can use quick gestures to silence calls and skip songs. Also, you can use the Google assistant at its best by sending texts, files, photos, and conducting searches. This also allows you to filter the spam before the phone rings.

Perfect photos

The camera allows you to balance the exposure of all parts of your photos. The shots can be taken without the flash by using the Night Sight function and still get brilliant pictures.

Power and Battery

You can charge the phone quicker with Pixel Stand or any Qi-certified wireless charger. And, its adaptative battery can learn your patterns of behavior with your apps and control the power on those that you don´t commonly use.


  • Photos continue to be as good as previous models
  • The Night Sight feature was improved
  • The screen has an excellent look


  • It only offers face recognition unlock system
  • The battery life is not too long
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus 256GB – 1,099,99


This is the newest best mobile brands collection 2020 of Samsung and it rapidly gained its place on the market. It is a complete studio in just one device that includes a wide range of Pro lenses that maximize the performance of its dual-pixel cameras. One of them is the 10-megapixels selfie cam with 12-megapixels wide and 12-megapixels 2x zoom. Also, its improved battery is fast charging and lasts longer than ever.

Smarter S-Pen

This model brought an improved S-Pen that allows you to include gestures in your pics. Also, it is a remote shutter, a magic button, and allows handwriting to text.


  • It includes a USB cable and charging cube
  • The battery may last all day long and is wireless PowerShare
  • It includes Air action wireless gestures function


  • It doesn´t include earbuds
  1. Essential Phone in Black Moon 128 GB – $599,99

From the same creator of Android technology, this phone is artistically manufactured in titanium and ceramic with a Gorilla Glass 5 for the screen. Then, this screen is an infinity edge to edge screen is one of the largest in the market and its overall size is perfectly comfy on your hand. Also, it doesn´t get short in new technology as it uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Android 8.1 Oreo which provides better performance for the camera and adds new features such as picture-in-picture and smart text selection.


One of the most innovative aspects of this phone is the adjustment of accessories. They all come with magnetic connectors to get attached as a way to allow you to exchange them whenever you need them. This makes it sort of future-proof and gives you more useful time to keep using the same phone for longer periods.

Likewise, it includes a 13-megapixels camera and portrait mode. Besides, there is a 360° camera to capture the most stunning panoramic views in 4k and its size is travel as it doesn´t occupy too much space. Regarding the sound, you will get studio-quality music due to the MQA technology.


  • The device doesn´t have any logo or branding anywhere
  • The 128 GB storage capacity is big enough to handle many videos, photos, and documents, so you don´t have to worry about getting out of space.
  • It offers fast charging through USB


  • It doesn´t have expandable memory
  1. ASUS ROG Gaming Phone II 512GB RAM – $890,00

If you can´t stop playing wherever you go, then this is the ideal phone for you. First of all, its AMOLED display provides a higher resolution as well as better response times of the images combined with HDR to make it reach 1ms. With a high storage capacity of 512GB, you won’t miss any game you want.

Special gaming features

The first feature that will impress you is its new TwinView which offers a dual-screen to include group conversations or live streaming. Then, you will have access through ROG armory Crate to browse all the installed games and configure game settings. Also, you can take full control of the device through Game Genie Toolbar which allows you to lock brightness and optimize game settings, among others.

Superb Cameras

This phone also stands out for its cameras that deliver the highest resolution with Quad Bayer technology. One of them is 48-megapixels plus a 13MP wide-angle and the front camera is 24-megapixels.


  • It has a side-charging design
  • It includes front-facing speakers and 6000 mAh battery with ROG quick hypercharge for long-lasting
  • It includes Aero Case for full protection


  • It is not waterproof or water-resistant
  • It is not easy to find cases due to its larger size
  1. ROG Phone Gaming Smartphone 128GB RAM – $639,00



The wide range of the best mobile brand collection smartphones has made that manufacturers focus their efforts on developing some specific features for each model. This is a huge advantage because it narrows your options. What is even better is that all of them keep some of the most advanced features that make them so smart. Thus, check this if you are planning to buy a new phone.


Price is an important indicator of the features of a smartphone. When it comes to price, the most important is the storage capacity and the camera. Usually, after $300 you can find the finest models and over $700 are the premiums. In any case, you can rest assured that any of them will offer the basic smart features.


Nowadays, there are some phones oriented to satisfy specific needs. There are gaming phones, those aimed for creators, and those aimed for business persons, among others. Hence, one of the first things you need to know is what are your needs and expectations.


Despite that taking pictures might not be your primary goal, there is no doubt that sooner or later you will use it. Cameras are not only for entertaining but for work. Perhaps you haven´t started using them a lot because haven´t discovered all you can get from them. Also, there are other functionalities to enhance the photos that might be worthy to check.

In this sense, higher megapixels get better photos and other features will depend on how expert you are with a camera. On the other hand, getting a rear and front cameras is very desirable. That is because selfies have gained a special place and you will not want to miss the best mobile brands collection 2020.













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